Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cycling VLCD 26?! I think

Hi All - so yes I know I should be on P3 - however over the weekend everything went a bit pair shaped!!! Actually started Friday night. My life took my down an emotional turmoil! and never the less on Saturday I was up to 127.4lbs (2.4lbs gain) and then the after math of Saturday was not pretty but my taste buds were in heaven! and gained a further 4lbs bring me up to 131.4lbs on Sunday morning. Yes that is right in a few days I gained a whopping 6.4lbs - so in the state I was in I decided to treat as planned interruption and jump back onto HCG as still had some left in the fridge. So Sunday I did a load and jumped on VLCD twenty something I think 25.
However I made the decision on Sunday not to weigh myself until Friday and see where I end up after 4 VLCD days ( hoping to back in the late 120's).
I'm so emotional at the moment - and food seems to be my distress call. A lot is going on in my life and has been since last November...and struggling with good days and bad.
And lets say this past weekend was a very bad one.
I have tried to pull myself together and jump back on HCG as a little left in the fridge - see how I can keep going then see where I am and how I feel in my skin.
At the same time - to combat the emotional eating I've decided to take up a new hobby - Jewelery making...just something to stop me snacking in the evenings as I'm one of those that eat when I'm bored. I've ordered some stuff from Ebay and now just awaiting for it to arrive.
Here is a pic of me as of this morning....Can't even tell you what weight I am - if I had to guess I would somewhere in between 132lbs-128lbs.
So I guess I've just done what is called Cycling - will post another update on Friday with my results from this week.

Friday, 23 September 2011

P3 D2 - YAY! Baking!

Hi All, so quick HCG update I'm on D2 of P3 and up 0.6lbs - not too unsettled by it.
I will see what the next few days bring before I get worried.
However what I have really been doing the today! I Baking a cake for my cousins daughters 1st birthday party. I decided to make a fairy cottage cake - however did come close to being a disaster ....but I think I've salvaged it and hopefully will be good enough.
Been a bit of a struggle as unable to try anything to see if it tastes ok- guess I will just find out tomorrow.

As well as making a birthday cake - I've made some cake balls

and a few cookies for my kids! As when we went shopping earlier my son said "mummy those cookies look with chocolate  and smarties on top", so my response was "sweety how about mummy make you some instead of those very expensive ones - mine will be better !!! hahah!"
 Amazingly he was happy with that.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

P3 Chocolate Cheesecake & Jelly

Cream Cheese 1 pk
Cocoa Unsweetened

Mix together and bake for 20 minutes and enjoy. I served it up with Sugar free jelly.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

VLCD 24 - and LIW

SO its come to that point at the end of my HCG journey. My new LIW was 125lbs from this round ( last round was 124.6lbs) so not much in it to be honest. Now not sure about you guys - but I find that HCG goes in to my body very quickly ( as in by 2nd day of injections - I'm not hungry) but at the same time leaves my body quickly too. So I have only ever done the 72 hours VLC after the last injections so (2 more days). Which means for me today I my last VLC Day - I have done this with every round and not had a problem. To be honest only just realised that I'm suppose to do 3 days with no HCG on VLCDs. Opps but I've been fine doing it that way.
So Yippeee going on to P3 - which I do enjoy due to the variety of food choices you now have..but still limits me on eating out..as being a vegeterian it makes it difficult as most places have very carb-high foods like pasta and bread.

So my plan of action is the following:
  • Start the Kettleworx DVD's & Zumba atleast 3 times a week each ( going to alternate each night)
  • Stay on P3 as long as possible (will try the 3 weeks at least) 
  • And try and stabilise
Wish me luck

Sunday, 18 September 2011

VLCD 21 - almost at LIW

Well...yesterday morning I weighed in and lost 1.8lbs from doing an apple day on Friday!! Which means on VLCD20 I was 24.8lbs which is only 0.2lbs away from my last LIW....Thinking I would get there today...but NO. I stayed the same.

Ohh well - tomorrow is my last injection concluding the 23injection round. I think I've had enough now. My goal was to get to 120lbs but honestly I can say I'm happy where I'm at - Those amazing boyfriend Next jeans fit...a little snug but fit wore them on Friday and today..and I'm really unmotivated to continue, just now want to start the rest of my life. Exercising and maintain/stabilizing at this weight.
So my plan: Will take my last injection tomorrow, then on to P3 for 3 weeks and start toning and working out. Onto P4 for 3 weeks....and see where my body has stabilised....then will see if I can slowly and healthily get down to 120lbs...but no rush and no expectations.
let see what my body does.
Happy releases to you all....and thank you so much for the support you have all given me!!!XX