Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My name is...and I'm a Coca-Holic!

Diet Coke - now this sounds like such a dirty word.
I've now been Coke -dry for almost 4 months!!! Can I say WOW!! Can't believe how long I've not had Diet Coke.
Just before Starting HCG I was probably having 3 cans at work plus almost a 2litre bottle in the evenings!! Yes I know, all my fluid intake was Diet coke.
So the first few weeks of the Diet I was in definite withdrawal symptoms, even to the point that I even tried to Inhale coke from my husbands freshly poured glass!!!
Now being 'Clean' for almost 4 months, I've now started to really enjoy water. Fizzy water and Water has become my new drink, and is all I drink now.
I'm now at the point that if I did try some again now, will turn back into my old habits? I feel like an alcoholic!
With starting the next round this weekend, it will be after the new year before I can even think about it again, and maybe at the that point I may have become stronger or do I cut it out for good?!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

B12 & Hair Loss

P4 Quick update - 
Still maintaining at -4lb ish under last inject weight (LIW). Although as starting back up on the juice this weekend I might spurge a little!! Here in the UK we don't have Thanks Giving, but its my wedding anniversary on the 29th, so still great loading weekend!

Over the last week I've noticed some hair loss, nothing dramatic. Although my husband does not agree when after every hair wash I'm blocking the shower plug hole!
Now I'm not sure if its the HCG or not, as every time after I gave birth about 3 or 4 weeks later I had hair I wonder if this is related?! Is it because the HCG is completely out of the system? but why is this so similar to after having a baby!?
I've watched some Vlogs and some HCGers are saying B12 helps with hair loss, plus helps to aid fat loss. 
So I've done what any other impatient women would do is ordered some B12 4x 30ml 1000mg from yesterday hopefully this will arrive by the weekend. 
Now what I've been trying to research is how much I'm suppose to take. Looking (Colin's Site) says to take about .4cc daily, but I'm not sure if this may be too much?! Please help. 

I'm sitting Chartered Accountancy Exams on 8th & 9th of December and maybe a little MIA for awhile as trying to revise!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

P4 - Update

My P4 has been rather interesting, specially since I've been generally tracking under my LIW, even when I've tried to be bad (as in fats & carbs i.e Pizza hut) I'm still either the staying the same or gaining .2lbs...When I'm -4 under LIW its nothing.
I'm now starting to really look forward to my next round! which I must be absolutely bonkers as it will be over the christmas and new years but I have 15lb mission to complete...I'd love to get into my 140's!
One thing I havce noticed is the my Protein intake, I'm making sure I'm getting enough protein, as a vegeterian I know I should ensure I'm getting enough, but Pre HCG I think I was more of a Carb-terian ( as in eating just carbs!!) so I'm now actually thinking about what I'm putting into my body. Whole different way I think about food now.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Scales Vs WII

SO....I've had some basic Weight Watchers Scales which give me a totally different weight everytime I step on them, within seconds...and If I move around the bathroom I can weight any where from 17stones to 6 stones. YES EXACTLY!! Not good.
My conclusion was to ignore the scales and weigh daily on the WII, which when I was P2 this was exciting as the 2 minutes it takes to setup wasn't that bad..but now in P3 and P4 seems like a chore.
I've been researching scales specially the ones that do the body compisition analysis, I bought some Salter MIbody scales which I must admit are great, I've moved them around the house and I weighed the same> WOOHOO!!! I can put in the USB stick to download my readings too, not figured that bit out yet, but I'm sure I will.
How sad am I but so excited about my new scales!!

Monday, 8 November 2010

To vlog or not to vlog that is the question!

Good evening Hcgers!
Well I've been contemplating Vloging, but I'm natively a very shy. Although thru out my research the vlogs were probably the reason I started HCG in the first place, as it was real people with real results.
I'm almost half way thru my journey, but the queston is it too late to start now? I've finally figured out all the technical stuff for the webcam, but been umming and ariing for the last few days, maybe I need to set myself a time limit and say "must do it by xxx, or else I wont try".
So for an update- I'm still tracking between 2-2.5 lbs under LIW, and I start P4 - yay! Rice, bread, cake.....can't wait, but I will definately be carefull as dont want turn back into a fat whale!


Friday, 29 October 2010

P3 D14 = 150's baby!

Well I think I've been floating on air today. This morning I weighed in at 11 Stone 5lbs (159 lbs)! WHOOP WHOOP
My LIW was 161lbs (11 Stone 7lbs), so now floating just under LIW by 2lbs. So the reason I'm so happy is that the 150's was my round goal, was hoping for 158lbs - which is a 25lb lost for the round. But either way, I'm still happy!! :)
Well last night I did the KettleWorx cardio 1st workout, can I say I think that was the longest 20 mins in my life!!! It was hardwork and sweated like a pig!!!
I'm still enjoying P3 - for dinner tonight I had a quorn curry & cauliflower ( pretend rice) it was actually very yum.
So, now I've been looking for coconut oil everywhere, tried I'm dying to try Rachel HCG's (on Facebook) chocolate delight! 
Well Good night HCGers

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

P3D12 & KettleWorx

Hi All,
Well still below LIW at 160lbs which is -1lb WOOHOO.
Also yesterday arrived my KETTLEWORX Bell and DVDs, so I thought I'd try out a workout which is only 20 mins. I did the core, I did struggle a little to keep up! But I definitely felt it my abs!
Well, I'm going to try it out for 4 weeks and see how I go, if I can't do it or struggle to do it then I might send it back as did cost £93. See I have some high expectations let hope they happen.
On the other hand, can I say how much I'm enjoying P3, like today I had grill Haloumi for breaky, a cottage cheese salad and greek yogurt & strawberries for Lunch and a mexican hot salad for dinner ( minced quorn, cauli mexican rice, quark cheese & mature cheese and some guac!) yumm yumm...feeling very full now, although not had much water today. Better start drinking some now!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

WII Active

Hi all HCGers
So I'm still enjoying P3, and finally now started exercising. I started the 6 week challenge on the Nintendo WII Active more workouts. This is a cool little game that has proper 25-30 minute workouts 4 times a week. Although my challenge will be more like 5 weeks, as want to start back on P2 after my maintenance and stabilisation.
So the question is will I be able to keep up with this challenge, last time tried I got to day 4....
Well let's wait and see then shall we.

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Arggg I'm struggling to find anything in my closet that fits!!
I know it should be a good feeling, but I'm actually sad to throw sone of my favourite jeans and trousers away! At the moment I only have 1 pair combat style trousers that I can wear, they still big and on the tightest belt hole, and are still loose!
Which means I'm going to have buy some clothes... But I want to another round right after this one, is it worth it?!

I gave in and bought some cheap work clothes a few weeks ago, but now in the same boat for casual clothes!!

Monday, 18 October 2010

P3 - Cauliflower Crust Pizza

P3 Veggie Pizza
Well, I started P3 on Saturday, and maintaining well. Still at LIW (Last Injection Weight). Last night I made this FAB recipe call Cauliflower Crust Pizza, Yum Yum. I did slightly alter the recipe and made it last 2 days ( actually was too much for 1 meal).
I used 125g of Mozzarella, 2 eggs and about 10oz of Cauliflower with mixed herbs. I made a pizza sauce using:

3 Tbsp Tomato Puree
1 Tsp of Mixed Herbs
1/2 Tsp of Pepper
1/8 Tsp of Onion & Garlic salt
4 Tbsp of Water ( or until it was at the right consistency)
And mixed it all together.
Then added Mushrooms, Peppers, Hot chillies, tomatoes and topped with half fat cheddar cheese.
It was amazing, and actually tasted better the next day. I actually oven baked the toppings instead of grilling/broiling as used stone ware
Ended up being about 333 calories.

Friday, 15 October 2010


Hi, I have now offically completed the Very low calorie bit- and going on to Phase 3, and very excited.
As now my diet will include more a veggie this is still limited but cheese, eggs, quorn and lots more veggies and fruit.
Now I have found a fab pizza recipe that everyone raves about on facebook made with cauliflower! which I shall give a try tommorow.
Now I have a course, so I'm going to try and venture out, as Subway is next door I'm going to have a veggie salad with cheese and lite mayo - I think this is all within protocal!! but will have to have more protein for breakfast and dinner...since lunch maybe be a little low. Let see how I get.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Last Injection Day

So today was my last injection, and have lost a total of 22lbs...which was a little shy of my goal for the round which was 25lbs! Which would of taken me down to 158lbs (11st 4lb) which instead I'm now 161lbs (11st 7lb), still a good result, but would like to start the next round in my 150's (hoping to loose the extra 2 in maint and stabilization!)
I'm looking forward to P3 - specially since I've heard about this Cauliflower pizza!! sounds very weird, but people seem to say its good. I will definately have to try this.

Now starting to come in the delima of next round, should I start before xmas, going thru xmas or wait.
Kinda on the wagon now and enjoying the releases so dont want to wait, so the question begs short round or long?!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Finally lost!!

Yay!!! Finally down to 163.5!! The 164 stall lasted 4 days!!
Today I'm trying to up protein, And reduce my carbs!! No bread sticks, and half size portions of fruit!! Let see if it helps!!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

R1.5 VLCD 31

Round lost 19lbs
Goal was 25lbs

Yes I've hit a stall!! 164lb and been there 3 days!!!
I'm so close with only 6 lbs to go, and now only 9 days, I don't think I will make it! :(
I never thought I'd be able to go over month with no diet coke, but surprisingly do really well!! I'm actually starting to like the taste of water, I drink about 3-4 litres of water a day. What even better is I'm starting to like black coffee ( with stevia of course)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The photo on the right was me at about 210 ish pounds and me about 2 weeks ago at 178lbs


Hello HCGers, now finally down to 2 stone lost (28lbs)!!! Yay, but my goal for this round was 25lbs...which I still have 6lbs to go.
SO not long before I get to P3, which means more variety, more veggies, more proteins and more choice!
What I will say about this diet, is that you need committment. As when you get into difficult situations you have you be strong and not eat that amazing looking carrot cake or say no when your aunty says "go on a little won't hurt".
But believe me its worth it.

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Hi here are my stats

Lost 18lbs
Inches 16.5

My original goal for this round was 25lbs . With only 7 lbs to go and 12 vlcd days, not sure if I will make it.

The last week or so I've been playing with mg protein. I finally checked and meat has 17-21g of protein which equals 125-150g of cottage cheese or 6 egg whites for us veggies.

Lately I seem to loose a pound every 3/4 days which is going really slowly!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


So I'm doing the vegeterian version...which means...loads and load of cottage cheese and egg whites. Which now by day 15 is getting a little boring. Although I had lost 12lbs, but this morning gained a pound :(
I think my weight loss is a little slower then meat version...but I guess by the end of this round we will have to see.

Monday, 20 September 2010

My first ever post

Hi all, so being over wieght by over 65lbs, I came across HCG. Now, I ordered some HHCG not realising that it is not real HCG, but continued for 17 days until I went on holiday ( where I could not find vegetarian HCG friendly food). Although on this 1/2 round I did loose 11lbs ( with a cheat day) and 12 inches!!!
Amazing I kept this weight off eating normally straight after stopping the HCG, while I was waiting for the Rx HCG. Which I know is not protocol...naughty me.

My HCG finally arrived on Friday 3rd of Sept, and started loading on 4th Sept. I'm doing injections taking 125IUs, now currently on P2VLCD15, and have lost 12lbs and another 6 inches. So feeling good.