Tuesday, 21 September 2010


So I'm doing the vegeterian version...which means...loads and load of cottage cheese and egg whites. Which now by day 15 is getting a little boring. Although I had lost 12lbs, but this morning gained a pound :(
I think my weight loss is a little slower then meat version...but I guess by the end of this round we will have to see.

Monday, 20 September 2010

My first ever post

Hi all, so being over wieght by over 65lbs, I came across HCG. Now, I ordered some HHCG not realising that it is not real HCG, but continued for 17 days until I went on holiday ( where I could not find vegetarian HCG friendly food). Although on this 1/2 round I did loose 11lbs ( with a cheat day) and 12 inches!!!
Amazing I kept this weight off eating normally straight after stopping the HCG, while I was waiting for the Rx HCG. Which I know is not protocol...naughty me.

My HCG finally arrived on Friday 3rd of Sept, and started loading on 4th Sept. I'm doing injections taking 125IUs, now currently on P2VLCD15, and have lost 12lbs and another 6 inches. So feeling good.