Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Last Injection Day

So today was my last injection, and have lost a total of 22lbs...which was a little shy of my goal for the round which was 25lbs! Which would of taken me down to 158lbs (11st 4lb) which instead I'm now 161lbs (11st 7lb), still a good result, but would like to start the next round in my 150's (hoping to loose the extra 2 in maint and stabilization!)
I'm looking forward to P3 - specially since I've heard about this Cauliflower pizza!! sounds very weird, but people seem to say its good. I will definately have to try this.

Now starting to come in the delima of next round, should I start before xmas, going thru xmas or wait.
Kinda on the wagon now and enjoying the releases so dont want to wait, so the question begs short round or long?!

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