Friday, 29 October 2010

P3 D14 = 150's baby!

Well I think I've been floating on air today. This morning I weighed in at 11 Stone 5lbs (159 lbs)! WHOOP WHOOP
My LIW was 161lbs (11 Stone 7lbs), so now floating just under LIW by 2lbs. So the reason I'm so happy is that the 150's was my round goal, was hoping for 158lbs - which is a 25lb lost for the round. But either way, I'm still happy!! :)
Well last night I did the KettleWorx cardio 1st workout, can I say I think that was the longest 20 mins in my life!!! It was hardwork and sweated like a pig!!!
I'm still enjoying P3 - for dinner tonight I had a quorn curry & cauliflower ( pretend rice) it was actually very yum.
So, now I've been looking for coconut oil everywhere, tried I'm dying to try Rachel HCG's (on Facebook) chocolate delight! 
Well Good night HCGers

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