Sunday, 21 November 2010

B12 & Hair Loss

P4 Quick update - 
Still maintaining at -4lb ish under last inject weight (LIW). Although as starting back up on the juice this weekend I might spurge a little!! Here in the UK we don't have Thanks Giving, but its my wedding anniversary on the 29th, so still great loading weekend!

Over the last week I've noticed some hair loss, nothing dramatic. Although my husband does not agree when after every hair wash I'm blocking the shower plug hole!
Now I'm not sure if its the HCG or not, as every time after I gave birth about 3 or 4 weeks later I had hair I wonder if this is related?! Is it because the HCG is completely out of the system? but why is this so similar to after having a baby!?
I've watched some Vlogs and some HCGers are saying B12 helps with hair loss, plus helps to aid fat loss. 
So I've done what any other impatient women would do is ordered some B12 4x 30ml 1000mg from yesterday hopefully this will arrive by the weekend. 
Now what I've been trying to research is how much I'm suppose to take. Looking (Colin's Site) says to take about .4cc daily, but I'm not sure if this may be too much?! Please help. 

I'm sitting Chartered Accountancy Exams on 8th & 9th of December and maybe a little MIA for awhile as trying to revise!


  1. I had hair loss when my iron levels were low - so it could be that :)

    Kaushal xx