Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My name is...and I'm a Coca-Holic!

Diet Coke - now this sounds like such a dirty word.
I've now been Coke -dry for almost 4 months!!! Can I say WOW!! Can't believe how long I've not had Diet Coke.
Just before Starting HCG I was probably having 3 cans at work plus almost a 2litre bottle in the evenings!! Yes I know, all my fluid intake was Diet coke.
So the first few weeks of the Diet I was in definite withdrawal symptoms, even to the point that I even tried to Inhale coke from my husbands freshly poured glass!!!
Now being 'Clean' for almost 4 months, I've now started to really enjoy water. Fizzy water and Water has become my new drink, and is all I drink now.
I'm now at the point that if I did try some again now, will turn back into my old habits? I feel like an alcoholic!
With starting the next round this weekend, it will be after the new year before I can even think about it again, and maybe at the that point I may have become stronger or do I cut it out for good?!

1 comment:

  1. Don't try it - If you love water & fizzy water now then stick to it sister! :)

    Kaushal xx