Sunday, 14 November 2010

P4 - Update

My P4 has been rather interesting, specially since I've been generally tracking under my LIW, even when I've tried to be bad (as in fats & carbs i.e Pizza hut) I'm still either the staying the same or gaining .2lbs...When I'm -4 under LIW its nothing.
I'm now starting to really look forward to my next round! which I must be absolutely bonkers as it will be over the christmas and new years but I have 15lb mission to complete...I'd love to get into my 140's!
One thing I havce noticed is the my Protein intake, I'm making sure I'm getting enough protein, as a vegeterian I know I should ensure I'm getting enough, but Pre HCG I think I was more of a Carb-terian ( as in eating just carbs!!) so I'm now actually thinking about what I'm putting into my body. Whole different way I think about food now.

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  1. I love my protein too :) Soo happy for your progress :)

    Kaushal xx