Saturday, 13 November 2010

Scales Vs WII

SO....I've had some basic Weight Watchers Scales which give me a totally different weight everytime I step on them, within seconds...and If I move around the bathroom I can weight any where from 17stones to 6 stones. YES EXACTLY!! Not good.
My conclusion was to ignore the scales and weigh daily on the WII, which when I was P2 this was exciting as the 2 minutes it takes to setup wasn't that bad..but now in P3 and P4 seems like a chore.
I've been researching scales specially the ones that do the body compisition analysis, I bought some Salter MIbody scales which I must admit are great, I've moved them around the house and I weighed the same> WOOHOO!!! I can put in the USB stick to download my readings too, not figured that bit out yet, but I'm sure I will.
How sad am I but so excited about my new scales!!

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