Monday, 8 November 2010

To vlog or not to vlog that is the question!

Good evening Hcgers!
Well I've been contemplating Vloging, but I'm natively a very shy. Although thru out my research the vlogs were probably the reason I started HCG in the first place, as it was real people with real results.
I'm almost half way thru my journey, but the queston is it too late to start now? I've finally figured out all the technical stuff for the webcam, but been umming and ariing for the last few days, maybe I need to set myself a time limit and say "must do it by xxx, or else I wont try".
So for an update- I'm still tracking between 2-2.5 lbs under LIW, and I start P4 - yay! Rice, bread, cake.....can't wait, but I will definately be carefull as dont want turn back into a fat whale!


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