Sunday, 17 April 2011

Apple & Cheese Day P3

Yesterday I ended up doing the Apple and Cheese day, which consisted of 2 apples and 2oz of cheddar cheese 3 times a day. I eat at lunch about 4pm and then again at 7.30pm, and to my great surprised lost 2lbs this morning! YAY!!!

This was all due to me eating that stupid but delious piece of Dulce De Leche Cheesecake on Friday, and actually didn't gain weight, but I thougth that I'd do the Apple and Cheese day anyway. 

So now currently -2lbs under LIW sitting at 129.8lbs (9 Stone 3.8lbs), I've finally broke into the 120's. 
Today I've been strict so let see what tomorrow brings, and see if I keep in the 120's.

Friday, 15 April 2011

P3D7 - Gains, Gains, Gains VS Apple and Cheese Correction

So today was definately not a good day. I made a homemade Dulce De Leche Cheesecake with I made for my husbands birthday yesterday, while putting it away in smaller tupperware a homeless piece found its way in my mouth - and after the first taste I vacummed the remaining!!! Yes I know naughty naughty!!
Considering I was over 1.4lbs on LIW - after today I'm definately going to go over now :(

So researching online, there is a correction day called Apple and Cheese where you eat 2oz of cheese and 2 apples three times a day. Well I think i will give this ago tommorow and get back down to LIW. Atleast these foods travel well. I have a party tomorrow afternoon and I will just have to take my dinner with me!!
So If I gain I will definately be doing the correction - if I'm the same I'm still hoping to do the correction. 

Wish me luck!

I will post my results if I try the Apple and Cheese day.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Healthy BMI - R3P2VLCD22

So its been awhile since I've Blogged. I started what I was hoping will be my last and final round day after my son's birthday on 13th of March with a 1 day load. 
Since then, my first week was fab lost about 6-7lbs, and then hit week 2 where i only lost 1lb. Then my lovely friend Yoly on facebook wrote about Apple Cider VInegar. I looked this up and it is suppose to well help with fat breakdown. 
Since then I'm now 13lbs down and finally hit 24.9 BMI - which officially means I'm healthy!!! Wooo hoo
So my goal was always to hit healthy, except I joined Weight watchers last week and want to be healthy there - so I'm going to do another 2 injections and see where i get to, and see if i can weigh in at healthy with clothes and night time weigh in. 

This is progress pics before this round from February. Now currently weighing in at 132lbs (9Stone 6lbs)