Monday, 4 April 2011

Healthy BMI - R3P2VLCD22

So its been awhile since I've Blogged. I started what I was hoping will be my last and final round day after my son's birthday on 13th of March with a 1 day load. 
Since then, my first week was fab lost about 6-7lbs, and then hit week 2 where i only lost 1lb. Then my lovely friend Yoly on facebook wrote about Apple Cider VInegar. I looked this up and it is suppose to well help with fat breakdown. 
Since then I'm now 13lbs down and finally hit 24.9 BMI - which officially means I'm healthy!!! Wooo hoo
So my goal was always to hit healthy, except I joined Weight watchers last week and want to be healthy there - so I'm going to do another 2 injections and see where i get to, and see if i can weigh in at healthy with clothes and night time weigh in. 

This is progress pics before this round from February. Now currently weighing in at 132lbs (9Stone 6lbs)


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  1. Congratulations! This is wonderful! So what did you do in regard to the Apple cider vinegar? Did you take it with the HCG and how much, if I may ask?

    I am so excited to be in a healthy range soon, too! :) Way to go!