Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Coming to the end of the Journey

So I know I've been a little MIA lately, but have now come to the end of P4 and then end of the journey. 
I'm currently 129.2lbs which is 2.4lbs under LIW. My goal was to get to 126lbs which I'm only 3.2lbs away - but I'm healthy now and within my BMI range. 
Wearing a size UK 8/10 and enjoying the shopping to fill up my wardrobe!! The Picture on the left was taken at the beginning on my Journey back in August and the right was taken at the start of P3 about 3 weeks ago. 
I'm a little more toner now, as started exercising. 
This journey of 9 months has been amazing and I couldnt of done it without my Facebook HCG family!!! You guys have been amazing and inspirational. 
I will still try to get to the 9stone mark ( 126lbs) over the next few months, hopefully before my trip to Mexico!!
Tip I have learned is that on the weekends if I tend to over indulge, a few week days of P3 sorts it back out again! Works like a treat!