Saturday, 9 July 2011

End of Round 4

So I know I've been a bit MIA but I've just finished a quick round 4. I only did it for supporting my husband. I had lost 63lbs and he gained 15lbs. Typical I know however he was getting a bit self conscious! Specially with our up coming holiday to Mexico.
So on fathers day weekend a last minute round occurred. I only had 1 HCG vial left with is hucog 5000iu. Taking 125 iu a day only gives 40 days worth. So decided to do 20 day round each I know its supposed to be 23 but that's all we had, and he didn't want to do on his own.
So I went from 133lb which is 1.2 over LIW to 122.4lb as of this morning. However for the first time I gained a popping 8lbs at load!!! Usually only ever 2-3lbs but wholly Molly 8lbs!! And weirdly I looked 7 months preggo the evening of 2nd load! Lol
I'm definately at goal now, don't want to loose anymore and now on P3 as of today.

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  1. Ur such a great wife for helping out ur husband!! I've been trying to get my husband to do it w me... But nothing... I would love to do one more round if he want it...but we will see... U look amazin!!!!

  2. Well took almost a year to convince him to try it. Although he would like to do another round, he wont do it unless I were to do it with him again, and honestly I'm now happy with how I look and dont want to loose anymore. Thanks you.