Sunday, 10 July 2011

R4P3D2 - Update

Hi all. So I'm going to make a full blown effort to start taking pictures of what I'm eating and posting recipes. 
Today is my husbands 1st P3 day, and is getting very confused on what he can eat and not eat. So I made him some muffins ( like rolls). I used the Flaxseed muffin recipe and plain almond flour muffin recipe. He prefered the Flaxseed one. For lunch he ended up having 3 of them with some margerine and bavarian smoked cheese - like a sandwich. 
Actually it was such a good idea, and i had one too. They are good. like mini sandwich rolls. 

So this morning we went strawberry & raspberry picking at a local village farm. Lets say I eat alot of the strawberries and raspberries. I think overall today i stayed with calories...however if i have a small gain tommorow I wont be shocked. 

I also tried to make for sugar free fat free frozen yogurt...which actually wasnt too bad at all!! I will post a recipe on that one soon. 

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