Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New Round - hopefully last?

Hi Hcgers...
So been a little MIA let me explain why. 
On July 23rd I had to go on a business trip to India ( travelled business class and 5 star hotel!)...we lets say the Emirates effects caused a massive 6lbs gain over night! Cheese, Champagne, and Godiva Chocolates were the main culprets!
My colleages said I would get "Dehli Belly"...and loose weight, so thought I'd indulge alittle. However to my disappointment I did not get ill! Instead gained 8lbs in 12 days due to the rich hotel food!
Then returned home on the 5th Aug to then go on my family holiday to the Mexican Riviera Maya - where we stayed in a 5star all inclusive resort and gained another 8-10lbs! GULP!!
I was never going to do another round...Lesson learnt - never say never!
As most of you know I jumped on another round started with a 1 day load on Sunday 28th - at a start weight of 140.2lbs ( LIW 124.6lbs - with a low of 122lbs). I did not gain during load with was a pleasent suprise - but concidering I felt I had been loading the 6 weeks before! 
I'm now VLCD3 and already down to 135.2lbs, I was planning on doing a long round as stabilised really well after my 1st long round, but I see how I get. 
Now as you know my last round I only did 18 injections ( only because I was supporting Hubby with his first and didnt want to waste the HCG and was my last vial) but I now think it was too short and although I maintened I dont think my body stabilised. 
So my new mission is to make I stabilise - my next potential hiccup is not until Christmas so I have plenty time to to maintain. 
After alot of waffle....I say goodnight

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