Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cycling VLCD 26?! I think

Hi All - so yes I know I should be on P3 - however over the weekend everything went a bit pair shaped!!! Actually started Friday night. My life took my down an emotional turmoil! and never the less on Saturday I was up to 127.4lbs (2.4lbs gain) and then the after math of Saturday was not pretty but my taste buds were in heaven! and gained a further 4lbs bring me up to 131.4lbs on Sunday morning. Yes that is right in a few days I gained a whopping 6.4lbs - so in the state I was in I decided to treat as planned interruption and jump back onto HCG as still had some left in the fridge. So Sunday I did a load and jumped on VLCD twenty something I think 25.
However I made the decision on Sunday not to weigh myself until Friday and see where I end up after 4 VLCD days ( hoping to back in the late 120's).
I'm so emotional at the moment - and food seems to be my distress call. A lot is going on in my life and has been since last November...and struggling with good days and bad.
And lets say this past weekend was a very bad one.
I have tried to pull myself together and jump back on HCG as a little left in the fridge - see how I can keep going then see where I am and how I feel in my skin.
At the same time - to combat the emotional eating I've decided to take up a new hobby - Jewelery making...just something to stop me snacking in the evenings as I'm one of those that eat when I'm bored. I've ordered some stuff from Ebay and now just awaiting for it to arrive.
Here is a pic of me as of this morning....Can't even tell you what weight I am - if I had to guess I would somewhere in between 132lbs-128lbs.
So I guess I've just done what is called Cycling - will post another update on Friday with my results from this week.

Friday, 23 September 2011

P3 D2 - YAY! Baking!

Hi All, so quick HCG update I'm on D2 of P3 and up 0.6lbs - not too unsettled by it.
I will see what the next few days bring before I get worried.
However what I have really been doing the today! I Baking a cake for my cousins daughters 1st birthday party. I decided to make a fairy cottage cake - however did come close to being a disaster ....but I think I've salvaged it and hopefully will be good enough.
Been a bit of a struggle as unable to try anything to see if it tastes ok- guess I will just find out tomorrow.

As well as making a birthday cake - I've made some cake balls

and a few cookies for my kids! As when we went shopping earlier my son said "mummy those cookies look with chocolate  and smarties on top", so my response was "sweety how about mummy make you some instead of those very expensive ones - mine will be better !!! hahah!"
 Amazingly he was happy with that.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

P3 Chocolate Cheesecake & Jelly

Cream Cheese 1 pk
Cocoa Unsweetened

Mix together and bake for 20 minutes and enjoy. I served it up with Sugar free jelly.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

VLCD 24 - and LIW

SO its come to that point at the end of my HCG journey. My new LIW was 125lbs from this round ( last round was 124.6lbs) so not much in it to be honest. Now not sure about you guys - but I find that HCG goes in to my body very quickly ( as in by 2nd day of injections - I'm not hungry) but at the same time leaves my body quickly too. So I have only ever done the 72 hours VLC after the last injections so (2 more days). Which means for me today I my last VLC Day - I have done this with every round and not had a problem. To be honest only just realised that I'm suppose to do 3 days with no HCG on VLCDs. Opps but I've been fine doing it that way.
So Yippeee going on to P3 - which I do enjoy due to the variety of food choices you now have..but still limits me on eating out..as being a vegeterian it makes it difficult as most places have very carb-high foods like pasta and bread.

So my plan of action is the following:
  • Start the Kettleworx DVD's & Zumba atleast 3 times a week each ( going to alternate each night)
  • Stay on P3 as long as possible (will try the 3 weeks at least) 
  • And try and stabilise
Wish me luck

Sunday, 18 September 2011

VLCD 21 - almost at LIW

Well...yesterday morning I weighed in and lost 1.8lbs from doing an apple day on Friday!! Which means on VLCD20 I was 24.8lbs which is only 0.2lbs away from my last LIW....Thinking I would get there today...but NO. I stayed the same.

Ohh well - tomorrow is my last injection concluding the 23injection round. I think I've had enough now. My goal was to get to 120lbs but honestly I can say I'm happy where I'm at - Those amazing boyfriend Next jeans fit...a little snug but fit wore them on Friday and today..and I'm really unmotivated to continue, just now want to start the rest of my life. Exercising and maintain/stabilizing at this weight.
So my plan: Will take my last injection tomorrow, then on to P3 for 3 weeks and start toning and working out. Onto P4 for 3 weeks....and see where my body has stabilised....then will see if I can slowly and healthily get down to 120lbs...but no rush and no expectations.
let see what my body does.
Happy releases to you all....and thank you so much for the support you have all given me!!!XX

Friday, 16 September 2011

VLCD19 - and down 1lb - Finally!

SO- finally down a 1lb and have hit 126.6lbs only 2lbs to the my lowest LIW. However whats more frustrating is my Hubby has been loosing about a 1.5lb daily for the last few days...UGGGG Men. Why do they loose it faster?! Its definitely not fair....
So I'm almost certain that Monday will be my last injection as I'm now gagging for P3 - actually P4 but I will have to wait another 3 weeks. However P3 is a good compromise.
My Boyfriend fit jeans now fit...yay...still a little on the snug side but definitely wearable ( as I wore them to work today).
Let see what the next few days bring....

Thursday, 15 September 2011

VLCD18 - Yoyo

Hi All, So its VLCD18 and I'm yo-yoing around....Still on 127.6lbs and LIW was 124.6lbs which means 3lbs to go and goal for this round was 120lbs which means 7.6lbs to go ...GULP>>>
I some how think that will not happen.
I think I've had enough of HCG and want to begin my life...but there is only One thing stopping me! Which is the pair of jeans I bought from Next in the sale before I went to India. They always run small and are a size 10 (UK) which all my other size 10 stuff fits...but these were just right when I weighed 124lbs! They do fit...but doesn't look pretty ( Muffin top) if you know what I mean.
So the question is doing finish the round on Monday (23rd Injection) or just wait until the they fit again?! I have really lost momentum and not sure if I will find it again.
I'm happy enough to STOP on Monday and maintain and stabilise in P3/P4 then after try and loose those few extra pounds on my own.
What do you?! So hard to stay focused.

Monday, 12 September 2011

VLCD 15 update & long vs short

Good Evening all...
So now on VLCD 15 and down 0.2lbs again...that is the 3rd day in a row..and still 129lbs which is 4.6 over LIW. I have no completely lost the motivation...the only thing keeping me going is Hubby is doing round 2 and wants to complete the 23 injections. So my orginal plan was to do 40 days...however I think I will be lucky to get to 23 and probably only loose another 0.5lbs at this rate.
In the past this is normally what happens - after the first 10 days I only loose another 2lbs or so..even when I did the first long round had the same thing.
So I put on the Jeans I bought before the summer holidays...they now do button up but a too snug!! So as soon as the fit fine...thats it i'm done regardless what the scales say.
All I want to eat is food - nothing in particular just more of it...actually looking forward to P3 as more variety is available! and i have missed having breakfast!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

BodyMedia Fit & P2 Update (120's Baby!)

So I wanted to tell you about my bodymedia fit ( AKA Ki FIT/BodyBugg), I purchased mine from the US as so much cheaper but they won't ship outside of the States, so I got it sent to my brother who lives in California and he kindly sent it on to me. Doing it this was was alot cheaper as costed me about £120 with 6 months subscription then $6 a month there after - if I had bought from the UK its £300 for 1 year then £10 per month there after. So you can see why I've gone to the US for mine.
The nice thing is the BodyMedia BW is bluetooth and links up to the Iphone with means to can see how many calories you have burnt on the go ( and not needing internet connection- with is a bonus!)
So - using heat flux, temperature, movement, and more science-y stuff this little gadget tells you how many calories you burn with 95% accuracy.
The reason I wanted to one, was to see how many I burn - to find out how much I should eat. You do have to enter into the program what you eat ( as American - only has American foods & terminology I.e. Zucchini Vs Courgette) so I tend to use my fitness pal or My Net Diary they are both very similar and has UK foods in the listing which is great :) 
I've now had mine for 3 months...and love it..only time I dont wear it is when in water ( shower, swimming,etc) and when I went on holiday ( as was in and out the water and didnt want a horrid tan line lol)
I have plenty of friends and family who want to have a go on it when I'm done...however not sure if I ever will be...Its great I love it.
I think everyone should get one - it also tells you how well you sleep which is an added bonus.
Quick P2 update - this morning to my suprise I was down 1.8lbs...:D
Which means I now officially back down in the 120's ( well 129.4lbs - but still in the 120's)

Friday, 9 September 2011

VLCD - 12 Weight dropping very slowly now!

So my big release today was only 0.2lbs ( better then nothing) which means now I've come to that in the HCG cycle where losses are tiny..the 0.2lbs the 0.4lbs and the goose eggs!!
So this is where motivation is key...and considering mine isnt the strongest now...this will be a struggle.
Now I can try and pyscho analysis the 0.2lbs like I did Zumba yesterday and burnt 320 cals ( accoarding to my bodyfit media- I will actually blog about this tommorow!) plus to compensate I had an additional protein ( A egg white Protein shake by Holland and Barrat - picture below) so could be a combination of things...or just the slowing down in the cycle. I will take each day at a time and see where I go.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

VLCD11 (I think) and realism!

Hey Hcgers -
So I lost another 1lb this morning :D, with is great HOWEVER I'm loosing motivation. Initially I was planning to do a 40 Day round as I want this to be my final round. But now I think I've had enough of HCG. Still Currently 8lbs over LIW and another 2 weeks of injections to go for a minimum round, I might just get to 23 injections and call it quits. I think its hard when you have been at Goal and gain it back.
I think the reason I gained everything back was the following
  • Only did a short round of 18 injections - only because I supporting hubby on his first round, and had a full 5000IU vial...I didn't want to waste the rest, so joined him. I know why the protocol says 23 injections
  • I then only did 1 week of P3 (Strictly) 
  • 14 days in P3 I had to go to India for work and was treated with business class and couldn't resist the food and luxury I was offered. 
  • In the 12 days in India I gained 8lbs ( most of what I lost in R4)
  • Then 4 days later went to an All Inclusive Mexican Riviera Holiday 5* for 2 weeks ( where we also renewed our vows) and again another 8lbs.
So as you can see....a little messy.I think with some healthy days I would have come back down to early 130's but not to 124.6lb my Last LIW (as I know I didn't stabilise and short round).

I feel I want to start my new life of healthy eating, maintaining and stabilising and Foremost TONING...I have been left with a fair bit of loose skin. SO more kettle bells and Zumba should help.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

YAY Done It - Holiday BOOKED!!

So....I'm in the process of booking next years holiday!! Recommend by none other the Jenny HCG (My inspiration) and many others since looking into it....Yes The Caribbean Disney Cruise has been planned for Oct 2012 - yes I know still a long time away but amazing they ship does not have many rooms left?! Must be popular.
However the most frustrating thing is...it seems to be very american...no British travel companies have any marketing for it?! Strange I know...it actually prices up very similar to the Royal Caribbean Freedom ships in the Med and the NCL Epic.
We thought long and hard ( just under a week ;)) and thought if we dont do it soon, the kids might not enjoy it as much.
I'm not a huge Disney Fan as such...but we went to EuroDisney last summer and the both Josh and Kassi loved it...actually most nights they tired me out!
The only problem with booking it so early is that now all I want to do is go on the cruise! At least its something to look forward to. So now that gives me 13 months to finish this round..get to goal and maintain and stabilise before my next potential hiccup!

VLCD 9 - The Day After my Big FAT CHEAT!!

So morning weigh in was a nice 3.2lb release...however still need to loose another 2.6lbs before I can wash this Cheat!
Since the Cheat..I've been an angel..no more cheats..and trying to keep strict.

Monday, 5 September 2011

P2 - Egg Salad

8oz Lettuce
5 Poached chopped egg whites
Splash of Balsamic Vinegar
Splash of Hot Sauce
Salt and Pepper

VLCD7 - cheat!

Hi all...well everyone tells you not to cheat on P2, and thought it cant be that bad but let me tell you, DON'T DO IT!!!
So, me and my hubby (also on P2) took the kids to bowling last night as treat before school starts, ordered them a veggie kids platter which consisted of a veggie burger, veggie nuggets, onion rings and chips (Fries in the UK)...lets say look amazing...the kids ate the onion rings and fries and a few of the veggie nuggets. They were just sitting there looking ohh so yummy, and some how the veggie burger patty jumped into my hand into my mouth! Ohh dear that was just the start, 1/2 a veggie burger (small) & veggie bites popped in...hubby ate the other half, then ordered another platter so another veggie burger, breaded fried mushrooms, chips & Curly chips ended up being digested!
Now wanted something sweet, since I knew I blew it so ended up having a few bowls of sugary cereal (my weakness). Thinking that I will gain a couple of pounds at the most...I woke this morning to a MASSIVE 5.8LBS gain...my hubby who had 4 beers gained 2.2lbs....what the ....yeah exactly!!
SO today I've been an angel P.O.P and hope to try and re cope.
I feel so angry at myself as probably lost up to 2 weeks of effect!
Motivation is slowly dieing ..trying to hang in there!

Lets see what tomorrow brings

Here was my healthy salad which I had for dinner.

8oz Lettuce
5 Poached chopped egg whites
Splash of Balsamic Vinegar
Splash of Hot Sauce
Salt and Pepper

Friday, 2 September 2011

Verdict from scales swop & motivation

Hello Hcgers...
So after my new scales arrived and weighed back on them to have a 0.8lb gain....however hubby gained 1.2lbs due to the scale swop. Just shows how different scales weigh.
Motivation: initially I thought I had great motivation for this round, its only VLCD 5 and I'm struggling already! Not drinking enough water....getting really hard.
I think I need to have a long hard look at my self ( or maybe try on the new Jeans I bough before India which did fit, and don't now!)
I'm relatively happy with myself..except that my new clothes I bough before the summer are too tight!

Let see what tommorow brings!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

VLCD4 - change of scales!DOH!

Hey, So I started a new round on Sunday with a 1 day load starting VLCD on Monday and on Monday morning my fab MIBODY scales stopped syncing with the USB so ended up taking them back to shop. With more on order with weren't going to arrive until today - I used my cheapy travel scales daily with were £6 from Ikea - they are not bad but probably not too accurate.
Good news is my scales arrived today...however as I was setting them up I tested to see what the weight difference was...my Ikea weigh me 2lbs lighter :( which mean the 6.6lbs I thought I lost is only really 4.6lbs ish!

What a bummer!!! I wounder what tomorrow will bring!
Recap I lost 1.6lbs this morning - however I assume I will gain due to the change in scales!

Salter MIBODY Scales
(Boots.com £42)