Saturday, 10 September 2011

BodyMedia Fit & P2 Update (120's Baby!)

So I wanted to tell you about my bodymedia fit ( AKA Ki FIT/BodyBugg), I purchased mine from the US as so much cheaper but they won't ship outside of the States, so I got it sent to my brother who lives in California and he kindly sent it on to me. Doing it this was was alot cheaper as costed me about £120 with 6 months subscription then $6 a month there after - if I had bought from the UK its £300 for 1 year then £10 per month there after. So you can see why I've gone to the US for mine.
The nice thing is the BodyMedia BW is bluetooth and links up to the Iphone with means to can see how many calories you have burnt on the go ( and not needing internet connection- with is a bonus!)
So - using heat flux, temperature, movement, and more science-y stuff this little gadget tells you how many calories you burn with 95% accuracy.
The reason I wanted to one, was to see how many I burn - to find out how much I should eat. You do have to enter into the program what you eat ( as American - only has American foods & terminology I.e. Zucchini Vs Courgette) so I tend to use my fitness pal or My Net Diary they are both very similar and has UK foods in the listing which is great :) 
I've now had mine for 3 months...and love it..only time I dont wear it is when in water ( shower, swimming,etc) and when I went on holiday ( as was in and out the water and didnt want a horrid tan line lol)
I have plenty of friends and family who want to have a go on it when I'm done...however not sure if I ever will be...Its great I love it.
I think everyone should get one - it also tells you how well you sleep which is an added bonus.
Quick P2 update - this morning to my suprise I was down 1.8lbs...:D
Which means I now officially back down in the 120's ( well 129.4lbs - but still in the 120's)

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