Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Cycling VLCD 26?! I think

Hi All - so yes I know I should be on P3 - however over the weekend everything went a bit pair shaped!!! Actually started Friday night. My life took my down an emotional turmoil! and never the less on Saturday I was up to 127.4lbs (2.4lbs gain) and then the after math of Saturday was not pretty but my taste buds were in heaven! and gained a further 4lbs bring me up to 131.4lbs on Sunday morning. Yes that is right in a few days I gained a whopping 6.4lbs - so in the state I was in I decided to treat as planned interruption and jump back onto HCG as still had some left in the fridge. So Sunday I did a load and jumped on VLCD twenty something I think 25.
However I made the decision on Sunday not to weigh myself until Friday and see where I end up after 4 VLCD days ( hoping to back in the late 120's).
I'm so emotional at the moment - and food seems to be my distress call. A lot is going on in my life and has been since last November...and struggling with good days and bad.
And lets say this past weekend was a very bad one.
I have tried to pull myself together and jump back on HCG as a little left in the fridge - see how I can keep going then see where I am and how I feel in my skin.
At the same time - to combat the emotional eating I've decided to take up a new hobby - Jewelery making...just something to stop me snacking in the evenings as I'm one of those that eat when I'm bored. I've ordered some stuff from Ebay and now just awaiting for it to arrive.
Here is a pic of me as of this morning....Can't even tell you what weight I am - if I had to guess I would somewhere in between 132lbs-128lbs.
So I guess I've just done what is called Cycling - will post another update on Friday with my results from this week.


  1. Hi! I'm working on a blog post about people who have lost weight on hCG and kept it off. Would you be willing to share your experiences?

  2. thanx for sharing but please tell me hcg diet is safe for rapid weight loss?

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