Friday, 23 September 2011

P3 D2 - YAY! Baking!

Hi All, so quick HCG update I'm on D2 of P3 and up 0.6lbs - not too unsettled by it.
I will see what the next few days bring before I get worried.
However what I have really been doing the today! I Baking a cake for my cousins daughters 1st birthday party. I decided to make a fairy cottage cake - however did come close to being a disaster ....but I think I've salvaged it and hopefully will be good enough.
Been a bit of a struggle as unable to try anything to see if it tastes ok- guess I will just find out tomorrow.

As well as making a birthday cake - I've made some cake balls

and a few cookies for my kids! As when we went shopping earlier my son said "mummy those cookies look with chocolate  and smarties on top", so my response was "sweety how about mummy make you some instead of those very expensive ones - mine will be better !!! hahah!"
 Amazingly he was happy with that.


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