Friday, 2 September 2011

Verdict from scales swop & motivation

Hello Hcgers...
So after my new scales arrived and weighed back on them to have a 0.8lb gain....however hubby gained 1.2lbs due to the scale swop. Just shows how different scales weigh.
Motivation: initially I thought I had great motivation for this round, its only VLCD 5 and I'm struggling already! Not drinking enough water....getting really hard.
I think I need to have a long hard look at my self ( or maybe try on the new Jeans I bough before India which did fit, and don't now!)
I'm relatively happy with myself..except that my new clothes I bough before the summer are too tight!

Let see what tommorow brings!


  1. don't get too discourage!! You will do great.. I know what you mean.. It gets harder for me too.