Friday, 9 September 2011

VLCD - 12 Weight dropping very slowly now!

So my big release today was only 0.2lbs ( better then nothing) which means now I've come to that in the HCG cycle where losses are tiny..the 0.2lbs the 0.4lbs and the goose eggs!!
So this is where motivation is key...and considering mine isnt the strongest now...this will be a struggle.
Now I can try and pyscho analysis the 0.2lbs like I did Zumba yesterday and burnt 320 cals ( accoarding to my bodyfit media- I will actually blog about this tommorow!) plus to compensate I had an additional protein ( A egg white Protein shake by Holland and Barrat - picture below) so could be a combination of things...or just the slowing down in the cycle. I will take each day at a time and see where I go.

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