Monday, 12 September 2011

VLCD 15 update & long vs short

Good Evening all...
So now on VLCD 15 and down 0.2lbs again...that is the 3rd day in a row..and still 129lbs which is 4.6 over LIW. I have no completely lost the motivation...the only thing keeping me going is Hubby is doing round 2 and wants to complete the 23 injections. So my orginal plan was to do 40 days...however I think I will be lucky to get to 23 and probably only loose another 0.5lbs at this rate.
In the past this is normally what happens - after the first 10 days I only loose another 2lbs or so..even when I did the first long round had the same thing.
So I put on the Jeans I bought before the summer holidays...they now do button up but a too snug!! So as soon as the fit fine...thats it i'm done regardless what the scales say.
All I want to eat is food - nothing in particular just more of it...actually looking forward to P3 as more variety is available! and i have missed having breakfast!

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