Wednesday, 21 September 2011

VLCD 24 - and LIW

SO its come to that point at the end of my HCG journey. My new LIW was 125lbs from this round ( last round was 124.6lbs) so not much in it to be honest. Now not sure about you guys - but I find that HCG goes in to my body very quickly ( as in by 2nd day of injections - I'm not hungry) but at the same time leaves my body quickly too. So I have only ever done the 72 hours VLC after the last injections so (2 more days). Which means for me today I my last VLC Day - I have done this with every round and not had a problem. To be honest only just realised that I'm suppose to do 3 days with no HCG on VLCDs. Opps but I've been fine doing it that way.
So Yippeee going on to P3 - which I do enjoy due to the variety of food choices you now have..but still limits me on eating being a vegeterian it makes it difficult as most places have very carb-high foods like pasta and bread.

So my plan of action is the following:
  • Start the Kettleworx DVD's & Zumba atleast 3 times a week each ( going to alternate each night)
  • Stay on P3 as long as possible (will try the 3 weeks at least) 
  • And try and stabilise
Wish me luck

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