Thursday, 8 September 2011

VLCD11 (I think) and realism!

Hey Hcgers -
So I lost another 1lb this morning :D, with is great HOWEVER I'm loosing motivation. Initially I was planning to do a 40 Day round as I want this to be my final round. But now I think I've had enough of HCG. Still Currently 8lbs over LIW and another 2 weeks of injections to go for a minimum round, I might just get to 23 injections and call it quits. I think its hard when you have been at Goal and gain it back.
I think the reason I gained everything back was the following
  • Only did a short round of 18 injections - only because I supporting hubby on his first round, and had a full 5000IU vial...I didn't want to waste the rest, so joined him. I know why the protocol says 23 injections
  • I then only did 1 week of P3 (Strictly) 
  • 14 days in P3 I had to go to India for work and was treated with business class and couldn't resist the food and luxury I was offered. 
  • In the 12 days in India I gained 8lbs ( most of what I lost in R4)
  • Then 4 days later went to an All Inclusive Mexican Riviera Holiday 5* for 2 weeks ( where we also renewed our vows) and again another 8lbs.
So as you can see....a little messy.I think with some healthy days I would have come back down to early 130's but not to 124.6lb my Last LIW (as I know I didn't stabilise and short round).

I feel I want to start my new life of healthy eating, maintaining and stabilising and Foremost TONING...I have been left with a fair bit of loose skin. SO more kettle bells and Zumba should help.

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