Thursday, 15 September 2011

VLCD18 - Yoyo

Hi All, So its VLCD18 and I'm yo-yoing around....Still on 127.6lbs and LIW was 124.6lbs which means 3lbs to go and goal for this round was 120lbs which means 7.6lbs to go ...GULP>>>
I some how think that will not happen.
I think I've had enough of HCG and want to begin my life...but there is only One thing stopping me! Which is the pair of jeans I bought from Next in the sale before I went to India. They always run small and are a size 10 (UK) which all my other size 10 stuff fits...but these were just right when I weighed 124lbs! They do fit...but doesn't look pretty ( Muffin top) if you know what I mean.
So the question is doing finish the round on Monday (23rd Injection) or just wait until the they fit again?! I have really lost momentum and not sure if I will find it again.
I'm happy enough to STOP on Monday and maintain and stabilise in P3/P4 then after try and loose those few extra pounds on my own.
What do you?! So hard to stay focused.

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