Thursday, 1 September 2011

VLCD4 - change of scales!DOH!

Hey, So I started a new round on Sunday with a 1 day load starting VLCD on Monday and on Monday morning my fab MIBODY scales stopped syncing with the USB so ended up taking them back to shop. With more on order with weren't going to arrive until today - I used my cheapy travel scales daily with were £6 from Ikea - they are not bad but probably not too accurate.
Good news is my scales arrived today...however as I was setting them up I tested to see what the weight difference Ikea weigh me 2lbs lighter :( which mean the 6.6lbs I thought I lost is only really 4.6lbs ish!

What a bummer!!! I wounder what tomorrow will bring!
Recap I lost 1.6lbs this morning - however I assume I will gain due to the change in scales!

Salter MIBODY Scales
( £42)


  1. you will do great sweetheart!!! you have already come to far.. this vacation weight should come off quick!!! good luck with your new scale!!!