Monday, 5 September 2011

VLCD7 - cheat!

Hi all...well everyone tells you not to cheat on P2, and thought it cant be that bad but let me tell you, DON'T DO IT!!!
So, me and my hubby (also on P2) took the kids to bowling last night as treat before school starts, ordered them a veggie kids platter which consisted of a veggie burger, veggie nuggets, onion rings and chips (Fries in the UK)...lets say look amazing...the kids ate the onion rings and fries and a few of the veggie nuggets. They were just sitting there looking ohh so yummy, and some how the veggie burger patty jumped into my hand into my mouth! Ohh dear that was just the start, 1/2 a veggie burger (small) & veggie bites popped in...hubby ate the other half, then ordered another platter so another veggie burger, breaded fried mushrooms, chips & Curly chips ended up being digested!
Now wanted something sweet, since I knew I blew it so ended up having a few bowls of sugary cereal (my weakness). Thinking that I will gain a couple of pounds at the most...I woke this morning to a MASSIVE 5.8LBS hubby who had 4 beers gained 2.2lbs....what the ....yeah exactly!!
SO today I've been an angel P.O.P and hope to try and re cope.
I feel so angry at myself as probably lost up to 2 weeks of effect!
Motivation is slowly dieing ..trying to hang in there!

Lets see what tomorrow brings

Here was my healthy salad which I had for dinner.

8oz Lettuce
5 Poached chopped egg whites
Splash of Balsamic Vinegar
Splash of Hot Sauce
Salt and Pepper

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