Tuesday, 6 September 2011

YAY Done It - Holiday BOOKED!!

So....I'm in the process of booking next years holiday!! Recommend by none other the Jenny HCG (My inspiration) and many others since looking into it....Yes The Caribbean Disney Cruise has been planned for Oct 2012 - yes I know still a long time away but amazing they ship does not have many rooms left?! Must be popular.
However the most frustrating thing is...it seems to be very american...no British travel companies have any marketing for it?! Strange I know...it actually prices up very similar to the Royal Caribbean Freedom ships in the Med and the NCL Epic.
We thought long and hard ( just under a week ;)) and thought if we dont do it soon, the kids might not enjoy it as much.
I'm not a huge Disney Fan as such...but we went to EuroDisney last summer and the both Josh and Kassi loved it...actually most nights they tired me out!
The only problem with booking it so early is that now all I want to do is go on the cruise! At least its something to look forward to. So now that gives me 13 months to finish this round..get to goal and maintain and stabilise before my next potential hiccup!

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