About Me

So I've been obese for over 10 years, since university really. I think I've been about 192lbs (13st 10lb) or awhile, gone up and to about 15st 7lb after having my son then went back down to 13st 3lb doing weight watchers for over 6 months, then again having my daughter must have gone up over 200lbs then over the last few years dropped back down to the 190's.
I met my husband at approximately in my high 180's, and since had 2 lovely children, so obviously put some more weight back on.
This year, I've come to stand still, I tried Weight watchers again at the beginning of the year (2010), and 3 weeks of loosing a whopping 1lb. Feeling very depressed and upset, I came across HCG while surfing the net and you tube.
I'm a vegetarian and have been all my life, so the first time I looked at the protocol I didn't think it would be possible, but as I search and search some more, I thought maybe I can give it a go, and this is how my Journey has begun.